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Workforce metrics without the spying.

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Measure actual work produced, not just time on applications.

Work Smarter.

Not Harder.

Improve Workflows

Visually see workflow bottlenecks between team members and other departments. Focus on eliminating or reducing such problems.

Benchmark Work Activity

Get a baseline of output per worker, and team.  Use such data to set production planning targets and to incentivize staff to higher output.

Measure quality

Measure the frequency of work that requires re-work.  Incentivize staff to lower such metrics. Measure impact of re-training, new tools, and other changes to improve quality.

Find opportunities for automating work

See activities that require little to no cognitive decision making. Ones that are repetitive. Ones where data is digitally available. Next, conduct experiments with automating tools to measure the impact.

Evaluate staff based on work metrics

Rate your staff on objective measures.  Metrics like output produced. Quality levels. And speed, to name a few.

Improve workload managment

Start with examining staff output capacity across the team. Then examine individual staff productivity. Next, determine overworked and underworked staff. Re-allocate work as needed.

Audit for compliance

Using Evidant’s event logs, examine staff’s actual activities down to the task level. See if they are skipping steps or doing a different process than is acceptable. Determine if duties should be further segregated or combined.

Pre-built metrics for service-delivery teams

Advanced Pivot Table Example from Process Insight.
Case Management

Cases completed/period

Case lifecycle

Work SLAs

Revenue Cycle

Active hours/day


Percent time productive

Loan Processing

Time between accounts

Percentage and time of re-work.

Productive work time vs. non-work time

Claims Management

Side-by-side staff comparisons

Claims processed by employee

Rejection rate on work

Advanced reporting screen from Process Insight

Advanced Analytics.

Our AI-based engine ingests all types of structured (transactional databases), non-structured (ex. logs), and meta data using “process mining” techniques to form a true digital twin of the worker.

Focus on People

Monitors Work

Examines Process

Exception Oriented

Time Based

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“This is going to save me hours of work.”

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“More accurate than PowerBI or Tableau reports.”

-T. Howard


“Now I see my office staff, work from home, and offshore all at one time!” -A. Davis

Monitoring over 10k Staff

Once piloted. You’ll want to keep expanding.