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Call Centers

Gain greater perspective on how application performance impacts the Customer Service Representatives’ ability to assist customers

Claims Processing

Understand how application performance is impacting the productivity and profitability of the claims organization

Loan Processing

Understand the life of processing a loan and where the bottlenecks are in a loan’s flow thru an organization and for the processors work it

Online and Mobile

Identify how your application is performing, what your customers’ expectations are, and how to¬†approach exceeding those expectations.


Learn how IT performance is impacting your business partners, whether it’s through a dedicated network or over Citrix.

Process Re-engineering

Understand and identify bottlenecks in workflow with the ability to drill down to the screens a processor is using to accomplish their portion of the process.

Finding Solutions for your Business

The Evidant team has consulted both large and small companies, from Fortune 500 enterprises to fast growing businesses, across multiple industries. We strive to understand the culture and operations within the organizations we engage to ensure the solutions provided are designed and tailored for sustainable success.

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