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Process Insight

Utilizing EUM or application logging tools (including ones already implemented in your organization) to provide insight into how much, how fast, and what path is being taken by your workforce in completing critical business activities.

Application Insight

Building a foundation of accurate and valid end-user monitoring (EUM) data. And, then employing Evidant’s “IT impact on Business” methodology to develop and present metrics that enables clear communications between IT and business partners.

Consulting Services

Evaluating, Deploying, and Managing end-user monitoring tools and strategy. Our experienced consulting team can services from delivering gap analyses for your current end-user monitoring strategy to implementing accurate and valid EUM.

Understanding IT impact on Business Performance

Evidant products and services take your end-user monitoring (EUM) efforts to a new level –
understanding the impact on end-user productivity.

Implement Monitoring with a Focus on Productivity Metrics

This does not require a change in performance management tools.
It does require a change in approach, a desire to understand end user needs, and a methodology to define and implement the correct tool configuration. The result is better information to make informed decisions to achieve the organizations goals, and a proven set of metrics for IT and business to communicate with.

Align EUM with Business Process for Better Decision Making

Traditionally when IT deploys EUM tools, the focus is most often on the their immediate needs or those of the applications group. This approach misses the opportunity to align their metrics and goals with the business processes they are required to support. Today’s CIO/CTO understands this new mindset, but lacks the resources to implement it. Evidant has the resources and methodologies to make your EUM implementations a success.

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