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Insight into Operations

Evidant’s Process Insight solution is an analytics engine that can take events occuring on a computer and transform them into information illuminating the efficiency, effectiveness, and bottlenecks in workflow, for a team or organizaiton. Process Insight helps management teams gain visibility into the various activities their associates are performing and provides the tools to drill into potential causes of poor performance.

Process Insight was developed with the flexibility to ingest various monitoring or application-logging technologies. Evidant recognizes many companies have invested in monitoring technologies and wanted to ensure Process Insight would not require duplicate implementation of monitoring if a client has an acceptable monitoring implementation today.

Workforce Performance

Gain visibility into all of your team’s daily work items thru the lens of their primary tool, the computer. Process Insight ingests and analyzes application events, identifying event flows that represent business activities being performed and then aggregates the information into metrics that enable management teams to view their team’s comparative performance, trends in efficiency, and more.

Bottlenecks in Workflow

Understand the impact applications are having on team members’ ability to complete tasks throughout the day. Process Insight’s analytics engine can stitch together application events that signify important clicks or screens in the user’s workflow, enabling an aggregated view into a user or group of users. Process Insight applies metrics to the workflow data that will highlight problem screens where user(s) typically get stuck. 

Quality's Impact on Quantity

Identify and track when items are being reworked within a team or across departments. Visibility into rework allows management teams to truly understand if ‘fast’ team members may have a quality issue that could actually be creating more work and slowing down the overall business process.

Insight Analyst Team

Evidant has recognized a tendency of companies who sell software: to get in, drop the software off, and leave. Evidant focuses on helping its clients operationalize its investments to assist in optimizing the return. Clients who purchase Process Insight receives support from our Insight Analyst Team, who will help maintain the accuracy and validity of the data, proactively analyze performance trends, and provide reporting and analysis upong request.

Evidant's Analyst Team is always excited to discuss our products

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