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Evidant Learning Center

Evidant is constantly striving to obtain a higher understanding of how applications impact business performance. Our team is constantly performing research around the subject and believes our findings are not to be dispositioned as some sort of intellectual property. Instead, we believe that humility enables continuous improvement. By sharing information and hypotheses derived from research, we can initiate dialog. And, only thru open minded communication can organizations hone in on methods and strategies that improve performance.

Case Study: Productivity Metrics

Assume that you work in a large, east coast-based insurer providing government sponsored care services (think Medicaid, Medicare Advantage, and Medicare prescription drug plans).

Each year around December, nearly 4 million of your policyholders must re-enroll for your products and services for the upcoming year. During this period, you and your team must answer calls and emails, process enrollment forms, verify data from enrollees, as well as submit accurate information to the government. To cover for this vast influx of work, you usually need to increase staff by a factor of 3-fold.

Or do you?

Case Study: Claims BPO

A major healthcare insurance provider outsourced a significant portion of their manual claims processing to an offshore BPO. The offshore firm indicated that the health insurer’s applications used to process claims were slow. This slowness impacted their ability to complete the claims processes in the prescribed timeframe.

To prevent future technology issues impacting the business operations, the executive team turned to Evidant to validate the situation, and help them plan for the future.

White Paper: EUM for Call Centers

Leading companies give a lot of attention to their customer service team. For this team to be successful, the applications and business activities that they use must run well. If they don’t, not only do workers get frustrated, customers will as well. This paper offers a strategy to prevent this from happening.