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Enhancing Operations

Evidant’s consulting team has the depth of experience and proven methodologies to help organizations with end user monitoring needs. From large engagements with Fortune 500 enterprises to smaller projects with fast growing businesses, Evidant has helped clients assess current-state monitoring strategies, architect operational plans, implement end-user monitoring, and more.

If one or many of our consulting services is of interest, feel free to reach out directly to our analyst team ( who can answer any questions or coordinate a discussion around potential EUM needs.

Gap Analysis

Evidant can evaluate your current end-user monitoring operations and identify areas that do not meet industry best practices, as well as help determine how much effort may be required to improve operations in the identified areas.

Monitoring Implementation

Evidant’s implementation consultants can perform or assist in the deployment and/or configuration of end-user monitoring tools. Our team will work to develop metrics that are accurate, valid and valuable. Evidant is experienced implementing  both active and passive technologies from a host of vendors including, Aternity, IP-Label,  Gomez, HP RUM, IQ Services, and many more.

Operational Programs

Evidant’s Consultants have built programs that changes and improves the business-IT partnership enabling companies increase customer service, discover cost savings and improve motivation and morale. Unlike many typical consulting engagements, Evidant works with our customers to implement the program and enable the customer to become self-sufficient in operating the new program.

We engage various departments in your organizations to get a strong understanding of operations and culture, tailoring a program that is specific to your company’s organization, mission and goals.

Tool Selection Consultation

Assessing Your Current APM Toolsets: We assess the current monitoring environment and how closely it reflects end-user experience. We establish where the organization should get to in order to effectively and accurately monitor end-user experience, and develop action plans for how to execute the monitoring strategy.

Evidant's Analyst Team is always excited to discuss our services

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