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IT Performance Metrics

The core competency and focus of an IT unit is on maintaining the health of their infrastructure, not on configuring fancy reports. As a result, organizations typically struggle to present their end-user monitoring (EUM) data in a way that management in both IT and the business can easily understand and agree upon. Utilizing multiple tools, all with unique reporting outputs, complicates the issue when it comes to presenting the larger picture.

Evidant provides reporting and visualizations that help organizations consolidate their EUM data and present it in a format that enables efficient and effective decision making. Our analyst team employs a tested methodology to generate performance thresholds and metrics that helps bridge the communication gap between business and IT

The 80 / 20 Rule

In the analytical nature of IT, we often find ourselves pursuing any and all potential data to try and get the clearest picture possible. Unfortunately, sometimes this leads to significant extensions in delivery time, costing a lot more money and resources than intended. Evidant has a proven methodology to model usage and risk, ensuring its clients expends its finite resources in the most valuable areas.

Defining "Acceptable"

With the ever increasing speeds of technology hardware and software, user expectations continue to increase without an end in sight. Yet, IT budgets are not realizing the same trend. Evidant works with IT teams and business partners to understand the parameters around page responsiveness that business operations teams need to accomplish business goals.

Simple, Valuable Visualizations

A core challenge in delivering visualizations is providing enough depth for the information to be actionable, and yet present with a level of simplicity that enables fast comprehension of the information at hand. Evidant works to ensure the metrics displayed are built upon a well defined set of parameters so viewers can easily digest performance levels and trends that are indicative of IT impact on the business.

Attention on Adoption

Evidant provides an Application Performance Management Team focused on delivering responsive and focused alerting, trending analysis and reporting. Our team enables our clients to deliver better results than they can achieve on their own.

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