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  Process Analytics.

  Work Smarter.

  Not Harder.

triple productivity

Connect to customers

Improve compliance

beat the competition

Your competition is not sitting still.

Are you? 

All businesses use processes to deliver goods and services. But old processes can hold you back.

For example, to track an order, customers may demand a digital, self service app to see where their product is, but all you can offer is a call center where they have to wait 5 minutes for the next operator, and who doesn’t speak the language natively. 

As your competition embraces all things “digital,” they’re learning how “bots” are performing processes better, faster, and cheaper. 

But automating a bad process really makes the operations worse. 

The solution?  Process Insight. Literally, all the analysis you need to remove the “friction” in your business.  Enabling your team to work smarter, not harder, in real-time.

So let’s raise your process IQ.

Introducing Process Analytics

Look inside your business process to discover not only where business performance needs improvement but why.

see the real processes

Because humans are, well, human people will find alternative ways to get things done. That could lead to the invention of a better mousetrap, but more frequently it leads to inconsistent results, compliance risks, and increased costs.  

Through Process Insight, you can visualize the most common workflows, but also all the variations that occur.


Fix Your operational problem(s)

What if you could easily answer why “it’s taking so long?” 

With Process Insight, it’s right there on the chart.  And It turns out to be a result of people sending the work back to be redone. Now you can fix that quality problem and run a better business.

And since you can monitor in real-time, you can be alerted to such operational risks.

find your best, alert to your worst

Your most popular employee may not be the one who’s most productive, compliant, or dedicated. Your most compliant process may cost you the most money to perform. 

Using Process Insight, you can compare across workers, locations, departments, customers, product types, process types, and many more dimensions.  You’ll uncover countless opportunities for improvement.  



future proof your business

Armed with the right intel, you can choose the right places to automate, the right mix of staff and the right steps to further delight your customers. 

Now you can begin your digital transformation.

About Evidant.

We are not just software.

We bring a unique solution to your business: smart consultants, unique software, and best practices. See below examples of what we can do for you.

Model Processes

Baseline Operations

Find Bottlenecks

Reduce Redundant Work

Improve Customer Experience

Reduce Labor Impact

Improve Service Quality

Alert for Compliance

Improve Cross-team Capabilities

Highlight “Digital” Opportunities

Our Impact

Workflows Modeled

Transactions Captured

Dollars Saved

Case Study

What Gets Measured

Assume that you work in a large, east coast-based insurer providing government sponsored care services (think Medicaid, Medicare Advantage, and Medicare prescription drug plans).

Each year around December, nearly 4 million of your policyholders must re-enroll for your products and services for the upcoming year. During this period, you and your team must answer calls and emails, process enrollment forms, verify data from enrollees, as well as submit accurate information to the government. To cover for this vast influx of work, you usually need to increase staff by a factor of 3-fold.

Or do you?

Are You Ready to Beat Your Competition?

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